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Pongal movie reviews ( Nuvvu leka ,Takkari donga , seema simham)


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Pongal movie reviews ( Nuvvu leka ,Takkari donga , seema simham)
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Nuvvu leka nenu lenu On a success way.......

Ramanaidu and suresh productions banner is always give some good entertainers.
Nuvvu leka nenu lenu is also one of that film....

Story: Tarun and aarthi agarwal are freinds from childhood. Because their fathers are best frineds.(sarath babu chandra mohan) (song)
There is some entertinement episode between both teasings.(there is clear imitaion of Nuvve kalvai). One day they go to a village.(song) There paruchui want to give her grand daughter(Laya) to Tarun. But they think tarun and aarthi in love Elders ask them both u want to marry? they said no. But they both have love in their hearts. After that vikaram radhod came. Aarthi think she is loving Tarun. (song)But after sometime she knows she is in love with another one. so aarthi feel happy.she wanted to express her love. In the same time she is going to vizag. In tarun house they decided his marriage with Laya....
In vizag aarthi was buy a shirt for tarun(song ela ela)
After aarthi came she know the truth and feel sad. Tarun is going to meet Laya. Aarthi also follows him. There Laya knows aarthi lovind deeply tarun. so she told to tarun aarthi is loving him. Tarun asks her. she told yes im in love with u..
both are hugg with love. Song (nuvvantae nakistam). Here there is a flash back laya uncle is ahuti ravi first chandra mohan want to marry laya mother but sarath babu done an acident in toor. they want put a case on sarath babu. so chandramohan go to there and told i will marry ur daughter pls dont put case on my friend. so he canceled the engagement with laya mother. so ahuti prasad want to take revenge on both friends. He play some tricks and done damage to thier facatory. That time K.visawantah save both friends with his money. Same time grnad maa of tarun know aarthi and taruns love and give blessing to her. (song godari .....). But k.viswanath ask aarthi to his son, the parents agrees. So aarthi and tarun fell in trouble.
Then there is a tension climax how they get together.
that is the story....

story is a causal story there is imitaion of nuvve kalavi.
but strong ponts in this story is....
Aarthi agarwal amazing glamour and songs and entertainment.

Tarun: Tarun acted well in his limits. He looking handsome in this movie.

Aarthi: no doubts guys she is become present dream girl of telugu industry in all youth hearts.....she is very preety and acting so well.

Suneel: suneel once again show his talent in this movie. Surely his comedy is one of asset to this film..

Laya: Laya role is very small but she did well in her limits.

Kiran radod: There is no scope to elevate her perfomence just a song and some scences.

Photography: Sekhar v. joseph he done very good job for this movie.

Direction: it is good and handeld well. He choose nice locitions for songs in village backdrop.

Music: music is biggest plus point to this movie. in some days all over andhra this songs we hear....

overall review: story is not a latest story. and there is no twists.And imitation of some films clearly visble. But songs are superb. Enetertainment good. Aarthi glomours action and love scences are extreemly good. There is good entertainment and no boring. So this film is going on a success. It is not going to a super duper hit. But in this love moives trend it stands as a succesfull moive no doubt.
dont miss music lovers and love storys lovers this moive.
specaily youth will paste Aarthi agarwal posters in home after seeing this moive.

Takkari donga.
This movie also high expection film.
I just watched it. Here in Eluru the crowds are amzing at benefit show. More banners tied before theater. This is the first film of Mahesh babu releasing with a Mega Hungama In Eluru.
Movie story....
First mahesh babu introduction fight okati vastundhi..dani taruvatha..
song (naluguriki) taruvatha Bipasha basu tanikella barani tho entertainment
scences unati. Bipasha basu sexy song(aleba). Lisa ray entrance. Lisaray father
tana kuthurini safe ga tana anna unna voorilo dinchirammani Mahesh ki badhyatha
appagitstadu. Mahesh agree. Vilan gana Lisa ray father kosam 18 years ga
vedukutu untaru. So atanu tana kuthruni safe place ki pampicheyalani anukontadu
Bipasha basu Mahesh daring chosi love chestu untundhi. Kani mahesh Lisa ray
tho chanuvaga undtam choostundhi. Romance secnce between mahesh and lisa ray
(song hey mama) Oka rowdy gang ni Lisa ray ni ethukupommanitanikella barani cheptadu.
They take lisa ray and bipasha too. So taniklla barani velli Mahesh tho cheptadu.
(tanikella barani and bipasha cheating parnters)
Mahesh akkada fight chesi vallani rakshistadu. Akkda pedda wood bridge meeda
action episode chala bagundhi. akkadinuchi they go away

Mahesh ni lisa ray abimanistu untndhi. Ikkda bipasha basu tho oka pata
(bagundammo).. Mahesh Lisa ray darimadyalo oka intiki cherukontaru.
Akkda mahesh flash back gurtuku vastundhi. In that flash back Lisa ray father
oka sari gayapadi Mahesh intiki vastadu. Akkda Mahesh father doctor
he treat to him and give a new life. But He lost his leg. He satisifies and give
a diamond to doctor. suddenga villan gang enter avutaru. so he ran away
But vallu doctor daggara unna diamond choosi doctor vadi manishi anukoni
vadu ekkadiki vellindhi cheppamani antaru
he said he dont know about him he just treat him as a patinet. But they killed
doctor and Mahesh sister also infront of Mahesh. Mahesh vilan chetini gaya parustadu
they go away. Appatinuchi mahesh vallani pattukovataniki(he is just a kid that time)
donga ga mari ooru oru tirgutudau. Lisaray listen this flashback and feel
deeply love with Mahesh Song (chukkalo chandrudi).
lisa ray tandriki
oka dimond valley secret map telusu. s. Vilan gana know the information about
Lisa ray father and they ask him about map. He commit to suicide. Mahesh akkada
lisa ray babai oorilo tanani dinchutadu. aakkda ame babai chachipoi untadu
complinet cheyataniki police station ki velete akkada vilan untadu.
He know about Lisa ray and he found Tresure map in her hand and beat her
Mahesh fight with him and fire the map. So he torture mahesh and beat him
Mahesh ni oori vesi gurram meeda unchi nidhi dari choopincha mani lisa ray tho
they are go away. Mahesh tappinchukontadu. akkada mahesh tana father ni chamipna
vadi kosam tirugutunnadu ani Lisa ray dwara telusku konna Vilan naku nidhi ki
help chei vadu evaro cheptanu antadu. There is start real story
Big action episode and climax
adi kadha....

Errors in movie:::
kakapothe manchi ruchikaramina vantakani uppu jodincatm marchipointlu
Jayanth ee movie lo screen play patala sradda teesukoledu. 5 songs ayyaka kani
asalu story start kaledu alage editing bagaledu picture lenthy ga aipondhi.
kani ee rendu vishayallo sradda teesuko unte movie super duper hit ayyedi
but ala ani movie bagoledu ani kadu.but akkada sradda teesukoni unte chala

direction : Jayanth done his work hard we must appricaiate him in this tough
time he did a adventure with this progect.

Music: Music is too good. Especailly back ground music superb.

Photography: Amazing photography and this is heart of this film.

Mahesh acted well as a cowboy. His perfomence is one of highlight. Vayasuku minchina role
cheyatamlo Mahesh parinithi ni choopinchadu

Bipasha basu really a romantic treat to audience. E movie choosina
roju kurra karu ki nidrani dooram chese vidamaga tana glomour exbit chesindhi

Lisaray she also good in this moive.

Vilan: Rahul dev done good work. He is match to face Mahesh.

Highlight scences: First fight Lisaray bathing sequence A action sequence on
bridge climax really wonderfull. Some scenes done with out stuntmaster
is superb.

Kosamerupu: Andhamina vindhuku chivara chakkani ice cream laga
"Super star Krishna" ending lo oka scence lo kanipinchatam tho
fans anandhaniki avadhulu levu.

My opnion: Movie is defintely worth to watch. Dont miss it. Dont see it with
high expections. The photography locations specailly taking amazing and wonderful
we have some responebility to encourage this type of movies in telugu film
industry. So dont miss this moive......

Sankranthi movies........
(this reviews for just infomation so i write mixture(english and telugu)

Seema simham: This is much waited moive on sankranthi. Yuvaratna Nandamoori bala krishna. On Balaji arts there is no previous super hit film. So they hoped on this movie. Balakrishna also have good grip on faction subjects. So the expections are very high. All are expecting another S.S and that high expctions seema simham released on his morning.....
NBk Entrace: first there is a oldwoman with her daughters her house ocupied by police men. They are organising their police station there. The old woman crys and they are beating her. That time a paper comes from air Nbk follows with it. That is his entrance. Then Nbk spioled the police station and save her. The policeman ran away. (first song)
Then Raghuvaran came in mercides benj car know the matter there. And he met balakrishna on a Beach. Raghuvaran asks balakrishan help to his matter.
First he want to tell about his flash back. In that flash back raghuvaran and charan raj(C.I) are good friends. They want to see thier wifes delivary on same day. Both give males. Then raghuvaran shows his love on both sons of him and his friend. One day charan raj caught a terrorist. They kidnaped Raghuvaran son and tell to charan raj leave the terrorist otherwise they will kill his friend son. Charan raj want to leave him. But some one give bad encouragement to him not leave him at the same time charan raj shooted the terrorist they also shooted the boy of Raguvaran. He become fire about this. He not excast his friend nature. He want to take revenge. He says to him i will kill your son no one not do anything I will kill your son. akkada ragauvaran intlo atani menakodalu reema sen akkada balayya and some entertainment section.
(koka riak song)
Koduku chanipovatamtho pichhidi autundhi raghuvaran wife. Doctors inka ame bathakadu ee naraka yathana kanna posion icchi oke sari chemepyatm minna ani cheptaru raguvaran tho. so he agrees with it. After balakrishan knows it and (flyover jumping). balakrisha nenu nee baryani bathikistanu ani cheppi poison ivvatam apistadu. Then balakrishan saves her wife. alage charan raj atani kodukuni raghuvaran champestadu ani u.s pampestadu. atanu vachelopu chara raj ne chamepyalani ragauvaran go to a temple. Balakrisha stops him. then hero Sai kumar enter as charan raj son. Sai kuamar bala krsianatho bahi bahi telchukovatanki velatadu akkada balakrihna fight chesi sai kumar ni samudramlo padestadu....
then raghuvaran satisifies and he said to balakrihna marry reema sen (rendu jalla papa)
and stay here as my son. He call to her sister nenu oka manchi kurra vadini choosanu ani bala krisha not like reema sen and he going to his way. darilo reema sen stops him atunuchi reemasen talli(raghuvaran chelli) come in 10 sumos they are back ground from Rayalaseema. They saw balakrishna ohhh....they are surprise. Reema sen talli reema sen ni kotti intiki lakkeluthundhi akkda nuvvu lechi vellipovalanukonnadhi evaritho no neekutelusa??? asalu atanu evaro telusa ani adugutundhi.....anthalo ame cheppabotunte balakrishan came and say
"Nuvvu nee noru ikkadihto apakapothe nenu ekkda aapaano akkadhinuchi start chestanu antadu"...she become silent.....


Simran enter in second half.... she find no doars to any home in that village(flash back). she asked darmavarapu subramanym there is M.P here local gunda type so he and his son(satya) doing all illegal things here. They rapes the teenage girls also. His wife is ragahuvarn sister
so he give that information to simran. Simran got angry. Then balakrishna enter as (s.p) and do a police trop oh satya. And he killed him an encounter. M.P got angry. Simran fell an attraction with her. K.vishwanath is father of balakrishna. He have one sister. Reema sen annayyatho ame pelli kudurustaru. Ame tandhi jayaprakash reddy he is caste feeling fellow. simran ask adapadchu katnam she want balakrisha to marry her.(song chandamama). Same time M.P enter in the village to take revenge on balakrishna. he tied all men of the village in a temple and he challanges balakrishna to come alone. All are warned bala krishna not go to there. But simran encourages him,(song avva buvva)
balayya jump from a helecaftor and doing a fight. andarni vidipinchatam lo balayya chethiki gayam aiiyi police dept ee fracture valla nuvu dept lo waste ani tesestaru. So simran family want to cancel the marriage praposal with nbk but simran not agree and she want to stay with him.
she come to nbk home she treat well him song (pori husharugudhi)Simran aneka rakala seavalu chesi balayya ki chei maill vachela chestundhi.then they agree to marriage. but in the marraige scence some one came and says balayya is not real song of kviwanath. so jayaprakash reddi take her daughter and song from this marriage. lash back ends. Aina ventane charan raj came and scoled balayya nuvve naa kodukuni champav ani akkada oka nijam telusundhi nbk charan raj son ani...sai kumar k.viswanath son ani. raghuvaran manasu marchatanke nbk ala vacahdani...danitho raghuvaran mind change.
then climax fight between balayya and m.p varagala madya.......then police came balayya marry simran.

Analysis of movie: movie story bagundhi kani story lo grip sariga pattaledu (comapre to SS NN)
dilouges bagunnai. Kani fights powerfull ga levu. Songs are not catchy like SS and NN. but good .
movie second half lo 1/2 hr part chala baga vachindi. Climax week. Balayya character bagundhi.
Faction chayalu movie lo peddaga kanipichaledu. Balakrisha is looking fat on first half dresses.
Heroins simran highlight. Reemasen also good. Simran is looking some fat. Vilan characters bagunnai. Direction konni scence baga oopu kanipinchidi konni scences disappoint chesai.
movie on rich standards. but songs are not upto range. Balayya steps are good in this movie.
Raguvaran action superb.
TALK: movie over all ga bagane undhi kani SS NN range ledu alage ee movie range emiti anedhi ee sanrakathi release meeda adahrapadi untundhi. if other movies become hit this become avge. if not the moive will raises.......totalga movie satisifes but not fulfill the target.(high expcetions like SS NN are not satisified). we will wait a week for know the total stamina of this movie.
special thanqs to Mr. Dandhupati Rajesh Kumar on this review.
Hope u enjoy with this pls send ur responce to me

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