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Megastar on Politics?


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Megastar on Politics?
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When Muta Mestri movie was released, it sent tremors  in the political circles of A.P. Fans were pretty much happy with this movie, but few politically strong groups were concerned about  this.  At that time Chiru was at the peak of his career. Andhrites give immense support for even small time actors who make it into politics, and what happens if Mega Star himself steps in??
   Few political groups met him and requested him to  either join or support their party. There were few suggestions to start a new party too..But Mega Star was unmoved . He declared that he's right now not interested in active politics.  But later, various organizations founded by his charitable trust, such as eye bank, blood bank, and  other services impressed everyone. Everyone thought of his humbleness and his down-heartedness and said that A.P needs a person like chiru. The kind of response he can generate from his huge fan-base is unmatched. Attending a Major's cremation, who sacrificed his life in Kargil war, and consoling their family is done only by none other than Chiru. When veteran actor Rajanala was suffering from old age, he responded with financial assistance. Whatever natural calamity may come, he donates the maximum amount, which shows his big heart and generosity.    Well..there are so many who donate money, but mega star takes care that his donation is properly utilised  and reaches the needy. During all these, he always has the immense support of his dearest brothers(fans).  Everyone knows that film industry is the center-stage  for gossips. But still chiru's proven personality made him stood apart from others. Todays dirty politics need a person like him to clean up the system(remeber gummadi's dialogues in  (Muta Mestri??). But what could be decision?  These are the expectations of not only his fans, but also common man's.   Inside sources claim that during last assmebly elections , the key person in state, who promised to make this a High-tech state, requested chiru to consider joining his party, if he is open to politics. Whatever may be the outcome, but mega star's entry into state politics will certainly trigger some great changes in many ways.  Because, he's the person is not just a person...a mixture of an ocean of fan-base and great personality!!!
Anyways.. all our questions can be answered only by TIME!..
(My special thanx to Mr Vamsi krishna (U.S) )
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