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Check the Anji update news and story details..........

Megastar statement On Anji:

Megastar give a statement on Anji like this.   "You will soon be thrilled to experience a new era movie of graphics and evoking special effects. Because, I need to give you a change after a family melodrama.....
?.that?s Anji !

********Its gonna be a real entertainer- It will be screened soon and I hope you will like the concept. Because, all that is to basically made for you, to enjoy.
*************Wish you all the best******


Flash News: ***
  Anji Miracle of South indian movie. (Story details)
Anji film story created on may 1997 and shooting  started on oct 10th 1997.
Anji is a socio fantacy movie. So unit did't want give the details of the story.  But Anji  picture have many special features. Some details about it. Exclusively for  Megafans of this site.  Anji story about a mystery(Akasa ganga) happends in Manasa sarovaram for every  6 laksh years. This is a mystery and amzaing incident happens for every  6 laksh years. Namratha sirodhkar is a reserch student who lives in abrod. She heard  about this and she came to india to visit the place. There is brave heart  guide in the forest. He is Raju(offcourse Megastar). She take the help of chiru  in the joureny to Manasa sarovaram. Villan gang also trying to reach Manasa sarovaram  for some ......reason. Tinu anand acted amazing in Mantrika role. Naga babu  also acting in a great role.  First they choosed Great sivaji ganeshan for this charatcter but according to health reasons he not able to act. The story going like this but in this journey we will see a lot  of adventures horrible scenes and action part in the forest back drop. " 5 talala pamulu garutmanthudu toka chookkalu pala puntalu bangaru jinkalu swapna lokalu etc" a lot of efforts are special attractions for this  film. To say in a sentence Anji film is like a Chandamama story with graphic affects .
Great director Bapu also working with Kodi ramakrishna for this film.
   Why anji film is late???
   This is 30+ crores adventure. If the hero in none other than chiru no one touch this type of project. Daring and Dashing syam prasad reddy is looking with a cool smile on his face till now. He said about this film his plus points are Megastar + This story making standards. He is   trying to distribute this film by own. He said no one dont know Bollywood film will collect 100 crores  before the relase of hum aap ke hai koun. But later all know the stamina of a hindi film. Same situation will  happens in tollywood also. After Anji release Congrats to Mr daring reddy for his braveness and efforts for this film. Director Kodi ramakrishna said Anji have 12 minutes graphics they used 25 thousand blue mat sheet for this. Not only that it is the First indian movie making with 3D animation. So this film take time to complete all of this efforts. Hollywood monarch Kris is working for graphic works in london. 
About Mass attractions: This movie songs are special attractions for fans. Megastar amazing steps are real treat for fans. "Pakkalo kostava pilla pacchi mirapaka bajji istava" song with Reema sen Megastar giving a gift to fans. "Amma nee amma entha goppade andham pogesi ninnu kannade" song and with Rajya lakshimi (hindi asoka fame) song will make thrill to all fans and single one of megafans also can't sit  Properly on these songs.  why because they also starting dances in theater. Anji audio is going to release   on april second week. Totally Anji movie is a defeniton of Miracles. We should be proud about this film as a telugu person.  This movie is going to prove a telugu movie high standards. Kudos to anji unit. Kudos Megastar. Vendi tera pina adhbutham telugu vadi goppatanam verasi become Anji.
Wait a moment for watch anji (may 9th
Great artist bapu using his skills in anji.
It looks like not only the actors and the technicians; even the artist bapu is also working hard for this movie.   In the climax scene theres a part where lord shiva is furious and shows his divine power (ogra roopam),
which is one of the highlights of the film. So for that role they didnt find any suitable hero or actor who can do that. They can make chiru do that but it will be stupid if chiru acts as both hero and god. So shyam has requested bapu to draw a picture of lord shiva with a furious face showing his Ogra roopam. And they will try to make that picture using graphics.
These scenes will last 50 seconds, which should be a sensational highlight of the movie.  There are many other things such as shiva lingas and temples designed by Bapu are being made with graphics.  So this movie is going to full of graphics and highlights. I am very excited not as a fan but as a telugu movie lover and I think all others who admire Telugu movies are also excited for this great movie. 
Lets wait and see..
(special thx to Siddu)
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