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Other Films News: This section for specially out of andhra fans. They want to know what happend other film news in andhra. If r intrested onthis read andhra fans also.

Uday kiran and reema sens movie Manasanta Nuvve is
got good talk. M.s Raju is producer of this movie.

Nuvvu naku nachav got 93 50 days in all over andhra.
It is now also going well.

Jr. Ntr movie Student no1 is also going in sucess way.
proudcer aswani dutt decided to this moive 100 days
function at Vijayawada.

New projects of other heros....

Bala krishnas new movie starting on nov 26th
with Samudra(simha rasi fame) producers are Bellam
konda suresh and Sunku Ramesh babu. Baner is Sri Sai
ganesh Productions...

Nagarjuna ....
Nag with Gracy singh and Aarthi agrwal inrtoducing
director Dasaradh.
A famous producer will producing this movie... and
another movie starting with Poori Jagannath a new
mumbai girl Sonia is introducing in this movie.

Venkatesh .....
Venky with Bhoomika Chawla this moive second shedule
is now going on hyd. Karunakaran is director of this
movie and producer is K.s. ramarao
This moive will expecting to release on feb...

Mahesh babu...
Mahseh's cow boy movie releasing on jan Jayanth is
producer and director of this movie. Takkari donga
Chakkani Chukka is tittle of this movie. And his next
new film starting in second half of nov. Proudcer is
Krishan mohan rao and director is shoban babu
introducing by Ragavendra rao. Another movie is
starting with Kushi director S.j surya
this movie producer is his sister Manjula.

Tarun: crazy writer Trivkraman Sreenivas directing a
movie with Tarun.
producer is Sravanthi ravikishore.This movie will
starts on feb

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