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The Only and best site on web now giving all information about Megabrothers fastly with regular updates and having Online Megafan club. ( This site started on 30-9-2k1) (I am very thanqful to ur support and encouragement-- SREENIVASA KUMAR)



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******Today updates*****
Indra Flash news on Spot News
Indra audio report on Banglore By our fan in FANS PAGE
R u checked?
Dont believe gossips.
Megastar and Dutt statement on Indra check Spot News
 Thumsup and Pepsi Banned in some places?? (it is very special  incident every megafan read it with out fail) on gossip
 Getting Indra cassets are so tough.....check it. on Indra audio hungama and present status and Megastar craze on  Hungama of Indra audio 
Megastar playing dual role in Indra?? gossip
Power full dailouges of Indra on  Making of Indhra
Indra latest updates  Spot News
Why Indra releasing so quickly?? Making of Indhra
Flash news Indra trailor....came Spot News
 Megastar Faction Mixed action a special report on Indra Spot NewsIndra audio rights,Umesh gupta statement on Indra audio and Power star Jhony news on  Spot News
 Megabrothers craze in Public Viha Sivaranjani awards function highlights on  Spot News
  Why Megastar and Vijayabapineedu movie not started yet? gossip
***** The specials are   Indhra Movie release and audio, Jhony progress , Anji in Telugu Tamil Hindi and English and Megastar next productions after indra all  news on as very special update. check   Spot News 
 Megastar craze on world wide FANS PAGE (Read and Proud be a megafan)
Luck with Megastar and M.S Raju film with Megastar??  Spot News
(check Megastar in Manasantha Nuvee jubilee function also)
 Why Megabrothers far away from Awards?? gossip
A imp note to all Megafans on Hungama of Indra audio
(check awesome Indhra still in this section)
Indhra movie logo and stills  Making of Indhra
(Indhra Stills a special gift to megafans of this site) 
Check Powerstar movies running on Mega Lion Unbeatable records at Vizag
special article on Annayya dont miss it Megastar's second innings
Kushi review and analysis on pavan kalyan special
Indhra business craze in Andhra  gossip
Why Some sites degrading our Megastar?? in
(check the hot news)
Jhony story details  pavan kalyan special
Indhra(dutt movie) details on Making of Indhra
Check awards list of Megastar on FANS PAGE
Megastar statement on Anji  Anji special
 Nag compliments to chiru Mega greatness
What is the Bapu work for anji on Anji special (with story)
 Anji audio 1 crore 50 lakhs?? gossip
Amazing Helecaftor chase click Making of Indhra
Dont miss to read it  Megastar on Politics?
Anji special a hot news is there.
gossip Pavan kalyan is pepsi add composer ?
To know about Megstar records. Records  Mega Lion Unbeatable records at Vizag and Mega* on Karnataka 
Coming soon......
Hot Stuff on megabrothers dont miss it and keep watching daily. ( scroll down and see the bellow pic)

SPECIAL NOTE: Pls other MEGAFANS also send ur news about megabrothers (like news gossips records) at ur town and what u know interesting stuff . I will publish it here with ur name pls support me we will spread all stuff to our fans around the world.
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