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Fans news page

I will add some news by fans is about megabrothers or their exps....about megafilms anything.....
some of our fans hear some news ang gossips so i publish on their name....anyone send ur news i will publish on this page.


Today author is Hari...
his news and knowing gossip about

1:Chiru and Nag film with Ragavendra rao 100 th movie.
Actress are sridevi and bipasha basu.....
2:Chiru as a Fredom Fighter in Krishna Vamsi direction..
music is Vandematram?? Heroin is Ash??
3: Chiru signed again with A.M.Ratnam...
4: Did Chiru recalling the techinical team of Abu in october....

Conclusion: There is Some News going but did't confirmed by official trade circle. And we will wait some time for confirmation.
Thanq u hari providing some stuff to our megafans. We proud of ur work.
And to all fans come forward u also give any news about good stuff. And please participate in Fan club. Its superb issue. Dont give up......

I will add more features and assets in this site in soon with ur affection.