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Contact Me***


 Many one asked for my details and photos so i am giving to u.
 Name: Sreenivasa Kumar.G
 Age  : 21 completed.
Birth Date : July 7th (it is coming.)
Qualification: Doing P.G Completed with D.S.T( computers course)
Credits: State First in Eassy writing state second in debate. Lot more prizes in many events like that.
Strength : Brothers like my  Megafans
if u wannal me.....
(dont scared at my photo)
about me (read it if r intrested)...
All Megafans and Movie Lovers. My heartfull wishes and thanks to everyone. This is sreenivas. I was known to someone through number one telugu movie website idlebrian. Eventhough the reasons why i am going to initiate a small website. We have assertive internet media. Megafans have not been getting the information of Releasing centers, Latest updates,Records,Gossips and other issues about Megabrothers all stuff in one place.
Thats why i decided to start a small site. There is no amended news in our Megastar site for a long time. In this time we have a good site like Idlebrian. They are providing good reports. Eventhough Megafans have been wanting the news especially on megabrothers. I have discussed this with my friends who are residing in London,Singapore,U.S,india and globally through mails and chat. So i hope i am a bit of water in Megafans Ocean going to initiate this site.I am a middle class person and i am doing my p.g. I dont know web designing and i dont have adequate knowledge in english. At the same time i dont have huge money sources to built a website. But i have lot of love on megabrothers. And i have enough repect on megafans. I think you are my own brothers. So i started this site ( i chosen a free site) with what i knew in daily issues and what i listened and what i took from yellow pages with my economical background. Why because i am going to initiate this site i am showing my respect on megabrohters and megafans. Its my avocation only. You must not appreciate my positives. But if u face any negative from my site u must forgive this poor fan.

PROBING FOR...............

Daily latest update news is my site speciality. I am not only a megafan but one of you. This site not only for information but we can make conversation also. This is the main theme of my site. I am not only a person who is giving information to you but we can urge mental relationship between us thruogh this site also. Its my passion. I am a person who wants blessing from all megafans.


Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Share my passion and want to contribute? Please get in touch! Use guest book and if u want send mail to me. I am always here for give early reply to you.