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 Why Thumsup and Pepsi banned in some places???
hi friends,
       i usually dont  like to touch or care about some sensitive matters.but i
am bringing some of these incidents in front of you because of the pressure of a
megapower fan(ex student of vjd engg college).please dont feel anything bad
about these things.
              elders say that man is a social animal,but i know upto to how much
extent it is true.but if we look into some incidents we feel that it is true.
              MEGABROTHERS have the number 1 place in tollywood.but there will
be some people in the industry who cannot accept this unevitable fact.the things
those people do are so disgusting that we feel very bad about them.which are
like these.........
          there is a famous engg college in that college thumsup
and pepsi are banned as megabrothers are advertising for those drinks,and even
destroyed the counters of those soft drinks(thumsup and pepsi).no one in the
campus should take those drinks.before i tell the reason for this incident,i
will tell you about another one.
         in eluru there is another famous college  which conducts dance
programmes for every festival.for those programmes they strictly prohibit(
students and management)) playing  chiru or pawan songs and not even let others
to perform dances for their songs,like that even in hostels chiru pawan songs
are prohibited.
            even if any students in that college collect or stick any photos or
pictures of chiru or pawan they tear them into pieces,no one have to do like
that. these type of incidents  are not happening in 1 or 2 places,its is taking
place in many places.and many of these students are getting ample support from
the management for  doing these type of things. 
                    what is the reason for them to do these type of things like not
letting to drink thums up or pepsi and even collect their pictures,and not play
only megapower songs.i am not even  writing the reason for these(though i know)
things,because it sounds very sick and very shameless to tell.
        i know that intelligent people like you would have guessed the reason
for this.but what sort of things are these? isn't there any end to these things?
the one's i have written now are just examples only,there are many incidents of
these type.
      but remember one thing,these type of sick and meaningless incidents does
not do any harm to our megabrothers.if all the MEGAPOWER fans come together to eradicate these mannerless people,no one even have the power to oppose us.doing things in a healthy trend is very much better.
sarvejana sukhinobhavantu. My special thx to srikar on this eassy.
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Megastar is Playing dual role in Indra??
  "Adadanni addu pettukoni naa tandrini champtam kadhura....neeyabba.ninntu mattilo kalapakpothe nenu naa abba ke puttinalu kadhu.." this power full seema dialogue is from Megastar. But who is the father?? In Ghallu Ghallu song megastar look like old pearson. Is he is the father of Megastar character in Indra? Many questions raised now. Answer will coming soon. But here is some confirmed news Rebel star Krishnam raju missed the chance to act in Indra because of his busy minister affiars........... so we will wait some time to know Megastar is playing Indra father role or not...........
 Why Megastar and Bapineedu movie is delayed??
  Megastar and vijayabapineedu combination have a speciality. In past Patnam vachina pativrathalu to yesterday big boss they have a good relation and understanding between them. He become one of regular producer of Megastar. But actually they planed the movie in last year finishing. But there is a break on this project. Indhra is the one of the reason and poori jagannath also ready with power full subjcet  But vijayabapineedu movie not started yet. Some one met him and asked the reason he told "I dont want to make a rotuine movie Now a days meastar taking special care on his movies. so i want a great story. I dont want to compramise with the story thats why i take the time i want make a family movie with comedy and with out missing the Mega touch. He is on the way. so wish u best of luck to him.
Megastar fan imitating Powerstar???
  Uday kiran the crazy young star had told he was a great Hardcore fan Of Megastar. Not only that he is the one of the reason Megastar presence in Manasantha Nuvve jubilee function. There is bright smile on Uday kiran face Megastar praising him on the stage. Megastar also praised him very well.
      Now the present scene is Shri ram. Shri ram is uday kiran lastest film. The audio of shri ram just released. In that film there is a folk song. Rambabahte...(hope u remember the song on Kushi Pavan kalayn sing when he drunked with ali.) That song full version is picturised on this film. (that song was a oriya folk song). Any how that song become popular  in andhra with the cause of Powerstar. Now this crazy star add the song in his film also. Thats why i said Megastar fan imitating powerstar?? have fun. and best of luck to shri ram.
 Why Megabrothers far away from awards???
 Megastar is No 1 and great actor in Tollywood. But Megastar did't get Padma sri award till now. Even National best actor award also. At apadbandhavdu time Megastar name enter into final round for National best actor award. But At the time some politilcs started their work. The result is Megastar Losted National Best actor award with Only one vote.North judges give their support to Megastar But south judges played politics. Leave it. But till now Megastar did't get Padma sri award. Why?? In our beside state Ranjani kanth also get the awrd. At the same time Why our govt not annonced Padma sri for Megastar?
 Megastar is not only a actor he is great social worker also. With his charitble trust 250 people able to see this world. Padma sri also small award to him in this situations. Once Shoban Babu said Great actor S.V.Rangarao also not get padma sri then i am very small actor  before him. Not only In Padma sri in Many times Megastar not get awards. The funny thing is Tholi prema got National award even also it was not get any good award from Our Telugu Nandi awards. With this example all u able to know what happend in screen behind. But remember onething Award is small thing before Crores of people rewards. Already Megabrothers won their hearts..............
 Indhra craze on Andhra
   Now in coming soon pictures only one movie have big expections and hopes of fans. That movie is Indhra. Main reason is Megastar playing a powerfull mass role after a long gap and this is Vijayanthi movies silver jublie year gift. Megastar looks awesome in the stills of Indhra. Fans are thrilling to see that stills. There is big contest between distributors about this film rights. From west a famous distrbutor offer 1 crore as starting bid for this film. ( The previous highest bid is 1 crore fro Mrugaraju). But Indhra starting bid is 1 crore. Not only in west in all places same situation. But no one can suprise with this. Why because already all know the Power of Megastar. cheeru up. Indhra will shake Andhra in soon.
Anji release after dutt movie?
  Gossip is gossip it is true or not some gossips are creat waves.
 Some times it become true also. The hot gossip now in industry is... Anji postponed. But when it will release...The gossip is it will release After Dutt movie rAnji elease. No body will know it is how much true but the gossip is roming in industry. This is horrible news to all megafans. Ohh but why it is planing to after dutt movie and other facts only one man will able to answer he is syam prasad reddy. I hope this gossip is only gossip 
i can't' imagine it will become  true. megabrothers
Tammudu will direct Annayya??
  Powerstar have  Many Great skills not only acting he is a good technision. In kushi we watched various types of his talented skills. As a actor as a choreographer and as a fights composer especially his fights composing make the fans amazing thrill. Now he is directing his film. This is very rare in tollywood a hero turn into a huge star and directing his film by own with just 7 films. We are many times  watched a star introuduce from a big banner or  a star introuduce with many films. Those are causal things. But a star start his career with a ordinary film and in a short period of 7 films he reach the level equal with Megastar is something strange.
          Now the question is Powerstar proved his directing skills. Megastar looking for some powerfull films. Megastar is Lion heart star. But the problem is some of new directors fails to elevate the Megastar image from right angle. So many one asked Powerstar u have any  thought to direct Megastar?? Powerstar answered with out any hesitation "yes i have thoughts not only thoughts i am making an action script for Annayya i will surely direct annayya that is my dream also" I enjoyed Annayya action like a fan many times. I know what elements a fan expect from annayya. So i will proceed on that way. In Daddy i enjoyed a fight composing. But i want to enjoy the total sweetness of directing Annayya film. May be it will starts next year. Ohhh fantastic situation already powerstar punchs creating waves in all over andhra. If he will directs chiru with his creative style. Only god knows the level of success and i hope already all fans can  imagine the range of that film. Wish u best of luck to Tammudu in direction of Annayya....
 Audio rights of Anji
  No one forgoted the hot game of Crorepathi on star plus.  Amithab bachan made some one crorepathi. But in tollywood  Megastar made the telugu audio rights to croepathi. Mrugaraju  audio rights sold for 1 crore. Auditya owner Umesh gupta said
 he bought the rights for 1 crore why because he knows the Megastar  stamina and he is the only capble hero to release lakhs of cassets on first batch  no other hero can't reach it. All know Megastar movie audio sales  A famous company owner give open statement like this. Now the news is  Megastar mega movie Anji is on finishing stage. So there is a big   contest between all audio comapnys in industry about Anji audio rights.   It is a big news there a famous audio comapny approached Dashing syam prasad reddy with a magic figure of 1 crore 50 lakhs for rights of Anji audio. But we will wait  for syam prasad reddy voice about this. Anji audio going to release on next month.  Ru checked??
Powerstar is add composer??
Hi guys there is a lot of importance of adds in soft drinks issue. In tv adds Pepsi latest add is very cool.
Some fat guys playing foot ball that composing and idea is too funny. It attracting viewers and increased craze about pepsi. Really it become crazy add on now a days.
Some one thinked about it who is the composer of this. But there is some gossip now about this. Powerstar Pavan Kalyan is giving idea of this add. Why because he is doing as a model for pepsi. So some one of pepsi oraganasation came to know the creativity and master mind of Powerstar. So they proceed Powerstar to give an idea of pepsi new add. After that Powerstar suggesting this idea. Forunatley it become funny cool and attractive.
It is very special news to all tollywood. A hero turing into director(Power star now directing his film) and not only that the hero doning commercial adds also. That also upto international range. Thats incredible.
Megastar is lover boy??
It is not related about movies. It is about Chiru real life. Many one asks what about chiru college life. Why because chiru marriage is arranged marriage.That time no big love trend like these days. But there is a little naughty scence in Megastar life. On those days Chiru have a nice girl friend. They both are good friends in studies. Oneday chiru family went to a movie. Chiru father Venkatrao sir ordred chiru to repair their old fan. But Our megastar not did it. Mechanic is not there. So Megastar failed to bring the fan to home on that night That time Chiru father scolded him. Our megastar face turns into red. Then he went to her girl friend home and asked their fan. In that home all are confused at Megastar face. After that chiru imagine that girl loves him. Oneday she told to Megastar i want told u onething u will surprised to hear it. Chiru is shocked and feel so thrill. Yes she is going to tell her love. And he dressed well and go to her home but she said her marriage is fixed. You are best friend to me so i want tell it first to u only. Megastar....that time he knows these all are attractions not love. Later he not touch that type of topics he did hard work on his aim. And become Megastar and married a girl choosed by elderes and setteled well. (all this story is told Megastar on Iddaru Miturlu function)

Sri Allu Aravind
Geeta Arts,
A-27,Film Nagar,
Jubilee Hills,



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