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Spot News
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Steps ante ivi.

Flash News: ***    (Very special update for our site vistors)
  Vijayanthi movies Indra creating waves in Andhra business circle. 3.5 crores in Ceded Nearly 1 crore in west the figures of Indra business. After audio huge success expections are again increased.
 Vijayanthi movies unit again given a statement to fans dont believe gossips on Indra movie. 
 Yesterday in Hyd. Indra cassets are not available. Small shops dealers waiting at Aditya company to collect next batch audio cassets.
Megastar given a statement to media. Indra is making for fans. Indra is a treat for fans. " I know Mrugaraju disappointed my fans a lot. And Daddy is good but it satisified  familys and ladies only. I know my fans are how much worrying and feeling sad. Thats why i am acting in Indra. This awesome powerfull mass role definitely make happy all of my Tammullu"  There is a lot of confidence we watched on Megastar eyes while he is saying this. Yeah definitely Tammulu will happy with Annayya Indra. Because he is Born for the people also for brothers(fans).
Aswani dutt planing a different type of publicity for Indra. Dutt is planing Indra with more prints and he is selecting good theaters also.
After huge success of Indra audio the expections also increased. Megastar with total confidence he will reach his fans expections. And he told again this movie is specaill for fans. Now a days many movies showing "Faction" like a heroisam. But no one can showing the problems of Faction. They are using Faction for their film running. But in this film Megastar showing a solution for faction. Thats why he called by people as Megastar.
Today Young hero Uday Kiran B day. Wish u a happy b day to Uday kiran of behalf of Megafans. He told in Jemini Interview today morning he was inspired by Megastar. Khidhi Gang Leader State rowdy Rakshasudu like this movies are really superb. No one can do that type of fights. I learned fights from Megastar movies. He is really awesome. I like him very much. I did Sree ram (his latest movie) with lot of risk.  I remember Megastar fights in my mind thats why i done it easily. cool Uday kiran keep it up.
 Megastar and dutt told Indra is perfect.
 some one trying to create bad propaganda on Indra. From the starting of Indra many one created many gossips to damage the Image of Megastar and Indra movie. Because Indra movie is on fire. So some anti elements are scared about Return of Megastar. So they are concentrated on create gossips. But June 17th is the final day of their work. Indra audio released and in a weak it reached 10 lakhs sales as a south indian record. So they dont know what to do? so they are again in their work. So Dutt and Megastar announced to his fans and movie lovers dont worry about Indra movie. Indra movie is totally perfect. Every fan will proud with Indra after its release. So no one need not to worry about gossips. Megastar showing his complete effort in Dances, Fights and powerfull action sequences. The script and other things are perfect they not want to tell the "Real Assets" of this movie because of copying.(now latest trend in Industry). So every megafan be happy. If u have any doubts pls mail me to clear ur doubts. or send  ur comments on Guestbook
Be prepare for the cyclone. check
Aswani dutt told to media Indra created South Indian record in audio sales. He told about this movie story details. "Nayakudu kulam nundi Jhathi nundi puttevadu kadhu Janam nundi puttevadu(previous dailouge in Kondaveeti donga) like that Megastar give a  solution for the Rayalaseema factions. If any one is seema follows that solution they feel very hapyy with their effort. In this movie there are so many emotional scenes between hero and heroin. 6,7 scenes in the film are arresting( romalu nikkaboduchonela).
 Powerstar Jhony have very powerfull line up. This movie become most powerfull film till powerstar career. Powerstar taking very care on this movie script and direction. This type of movies need secrecy. So he is not allowed media on the sets. Ramana gogula told he will not sign any film untill end of the Jhony shooting. Because he like the policy of Powerstar (film after film).
 Ace producer Allu aravind planing a movie with Megastar on Geetha arts. There is some sources this movie will start after Jhony.
 Indra audio sales are going to reach the mark of 10 lakhs in very soon.  With in a weak creating this type of records sales is only possible for Megastar. With the steps of Indra Megastar going to create waves again (see the pic)
  Donate blood save lifes.........
 There is a flash news to all chiru fans. on Hyd Miyapur Janapriya apartments at Sai baba temple chiranjeevi seva sena organising a blood donation camp on this month 23rd. so if any one is interested please participate in that camp. Donate blood save lifes.
  In Rayala seema no rains from so many years. Then all are suffering with it. They want to do Varuna Yagnam u know where all these happening?? on Indra movie. Megastar do a yagnam on that time rains came...people are joy they start a song....Ghallu Ghallu.........
R.P. Patnayak scored Ayyeyo ayyeyo song on Indra this movie is before song of the climax on this song Megastar steps are awesome and amazing.
 Megastar Mega movie Indra got never seen before responce from public.
This movie shooting will complete on July 12th. Dubbing and rerecording is already completed( for the part of shooting completed) some part of the climax left to shoot. The part will shoot 4 days ( 1 day in karnool and 3 days in vizag)
 Tamil super star Ranjani kanth doing a mega project named Baba this film have a 20 mins powerfull role. Rajani kanth feeled  in India only 2 actors will do that role One is Amitabh and another is Annayya. So Rajani requested Megastar to play that role. Megastar is thinking about it. Fans are requesting him dont act in Baba because Indra and Baba are  releasing with a short gap so it will affect on Indra.
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 Megastar film under Poori Jagannath direction on Anjana productions
 will start from August 1st.
 Powerstar Jhony is started from this month 16th on Ramoji film city. Powerstar shooted a trailor of this movie on the sets. Media is strictly not allowed on the sets of Jhony.
Hi friends Indra audio released Check the news and review and Hungama of fans on Hungama of Indra audio
Indra is releasing in Sai balaji a.c dts in Eluru and  Apsara a.c dts in Vijayawada. This theaters are confirmed and getting ready for Indra. 
 Aswani dutt planing to release Indra movie with Highest prints of all chiru movies.
Megastar Facion mixed action a report on Indra ........
  Vijayanthi movies Silver jubilee year  film  Indra is making with high standards.B.gopal is  directing this Faction based film. Last weak in swiss they were shooted two songs.(one is on Megastar and Arthi and another one is Megastar and sonali) Lawrence and Raju sundhram are dance composers for these songs.  Aswani dutt told with media 80 % of indhra (first half) shooted in Varanasi. Every indian must have a wish in their heart to visit Kasi in their life. So with this movie we are showing the beautyness of Kasi Ganga river and Ayodya also. It is not our planing to make family movies for business.
we want make a big budget movie. Only Megastar is the right pearson to justice this movie. In this movie "Bham Bham bole bole " song was sung by Shankar mahadevan and Hari haran. This song is  on varanasi.
 You will wait some time to know  what is the relation between Varanasi and Rayalaseema faction. Megastar playing as Indra sena reddy this is variety role. Megastar will reach his fans expections with this role. It is a big movie  with 73 members star cast.This movie  just left  climax and some scenes. Climax will shoot in Ramoji film city.  all songs in this film written by seetha rama shastri and Vetrui. This songs picturasion is top class and surely it will make thrill to all.
Hot news: Indra unit told Megastar did dances for this film with great moments. They thought " Is Megastar went to 20 years back with this steps??" they are saying this audio and steps are one of the biggest asset of this movie.. Audio is hitting the andhra on 17th of this month and movie is going to release on July 25th.
 Enjoy and be prepared for more news follows.......

 Hai friends Just now Indra audio publicity posters are released. Megastar is looking awesome like a Legend. Check the pic in
 Making of Indhra (the poster is same but with out helecaftor). Audio is going to release on 17th of this month. Producer aswanidutt told this movie tunes are upto the range of his past blockbusters JVAS and CV. In Eluru at some audio shops after pasting the poster Megastar poster coverd with garlands by fans.
 Aditya owner Umesh guptha told they got Indra audio rights with a big bid. But they are not thinking the bid is big before the stamina of Megastar.(in past also Sri Umesh guptha got the audio rights of Mrugaraju with 1 crore). He said  Megastar audio sales are very very good on first and second batch also. Especially in first batch Megastar cassete sales defentely untouchble to any other stars. Thats why he is  able to give big price to Megastar audio rights. He told  In past Powerstar Pavan kalayn Kushi is the highest selled album in Aditya. Hope Indra will cross the mark. But it is unfortunate some of other  heros also asking him to release more cassets in first batch. But he did not agree with it cause any another hero audio sales not upto the Megarange.  This time he is releasing 5 lakhs cassets in first batch. And some unconfirmed news saying for Indra rights Umesh gupta paid nearly 1 crore 50 lakhs (never seen before in Tollywood).
 Audio hungama in andhra news follows in soon
Viha Sivaranjani awards function proved once again the craze of Megabrothers in public. There is a huge crowd on the function lot of cheers and captions like Megastar zindabad Powerstar zindabad from public. When Megastar said 'Fans are like my blood brothers i dedicated this award to my fans' the whole place turn into huge cheers and fans joy touched the sky. Megastar came to the function with his wife and daughters. Power star came with Renu desai. In this function many songs performed by dancers on the stage.Most of the songs are Megastar songs. Crazy star prasanth got best tamail actor awrad he recieved the award from Megastar hands. when the time he touched megastar feet for his blessings.Fans are played with fire crockers. Totally this function held like a Megabrothers movie 100 days function with the power of Megafans.
 Recently Media met Chinni Krishna (Indra story writer). They asked him about his future projects. He said after Narasimha naidu 25 films offer him. But he did not respond to any of them. Because Aswani dutt give a chance to work in the great banner Vijayanthi movies with Megastar. So this film is equal with 25 films. His ulitmate goal is  (he said not mine in film industry any one goal is to work with Megastar) so he is very happy with it. and he told he will show the power of story writer in Indra and he is always staying at the sets of Indra. Best of luck to him.
In Viha sivaranjani Awards Megastar got  the award  star of the  millenium. Megastar words when he was recieving  the award " This award belong to my fans. Their encouargement is my breath. I am saying my regards to all my producers directors and co artists. And my thanx to all my blood brothers (fans) once again. Support not comes with awards support comes from them. I love them very much.
   Megastar movie under Anjana proudctions regular shooting will start from July 1st. Poori jagannath is the Director of this movie. Nagababu is the producer this movie Puja works already held on april 19th. This movie is "powerfull action" movie. They are thinking to introduce a famous mumbai pop music director for this movie.(the talk was it is Sandesh sandilya). He was did a song in Recent bollywood blockbuster Kabhi kushie kabhi gham....
 Tollywood  prestigious movie Anji is remaking on Tamil Hindi In English at time this movie will release (after Indra) on Telugu Hindi Tamil and English.Megastar is the only hero in tollywood releasing a hero movie in mulitple languages at a time. 
  After Indhra Megastar films are Anjana proudctions and Vijayabapineedu movies. There is some unconfirmed news after the movies Creative commercials K.S Ramarao and Poornodaya movies Adidha Nageswararao will make Movies with Megastar.
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(Yesterday Updates)........
   Megastar Indhra movie first dailouge was "Meeru telugu valla Nenu teluguvadine auto kavala?"  With this dailouge Megastar opend A.V.S visual dubbing theater in Hyd Recentely. So in this movie first half Megastar appears in a auto wala role.
         Megastar attend the audio function of "Tappu chei pappu koodu" and give his wishes to the unit.
   Anji progress: Anji is just one song and some graphics work is left. Dubbing work will start in soon. Megastar already did a special song with Reema sen.  Megastar introduction song will shoot in soon with a special actress. Dashing producer Syam prasad reddy said high level graphic work is the cause of delay of the Anji project. And this movie will hit silver screen soon.
    In Manasantha Nuvve Jubilee function there is a lucky dip contest. 
Every chair have a number. All numbers added in Draw. Some one come and took a slip and annouce a good prize to that pearson. Later suddenly a number came all are looking who is the pearson. Surprising thing is it was Megatar. He won a cd player for the lucky dip. All said Luck with Megastar.......
  M.S Raju said recently he want make a Powerfull film with Megastar in soon. His life ambition is making a powerfull film with Megastar. best of luck to M.S Raju.
  Megastar announced V.N Aditya is His next film director ( he will direct Vijayabapineedu movie in soon). Megastar appriciated V.N Aditya talent. and he told Bavagaru Bagunnara name is also selected by Auditya at the time ( at the time Aditya is the asst director of Jayanth).
 Megastar  Appriciated Parachoori brothers great work on films. And he told  In Indhra they show their "Viswa roopam".  Fortunately we are going to watch Indhra in very soon.
 Not only that Megastar appriciated Reema sen dancing moments her naughty behaviour he compared Reema sen with Past Radhika in his heroins. Megastar told  In Anji their song is totally awesome and it is a special treat for fans.( In Anji they have a song named Mirapakaya bajji.....and mostly Reema sen have chances to act in Vijayabapineedu movie)
Megastar give compliments to Uday kiran smile sunil acting and he wished M.S. Raju (he is celebrating 42 b day). R u thinking where all these things are happend?? At Manasantha nuvve jubliee function Megastar is the chief guest for the function.(The crowd made a huge  cheers when Megastar entering the stage)
 Final attraction : Megastar sitting in bewteen of  Reema sen and Arthi agrwal. ( Reema sen is very pretty on a black dress and Arthi is also cute in half saree )And they are talking something to Megastar. Megastar hearing all their words He is looking like a lover boy at the time in between them. But u know on other seat Ace producer Allu aravaind is watching his bro in law and all these with smile ...... he he he Have fun.
    check the Story of Jhony and 
(( Powerstar interview on pavan kalyan special ))