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Making of Indhra


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Making of Indhra
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Powerfull dailouges of Indra............some samples.......
Evadra Nannu seema lo adugubettadu anna Magadu dammunte ippudura ra ra nee yabba................
Orey adadhanni auddupettukoni naa tandrini champav. adi kadura magatnam ippudu rara nenu ninnu mattilo kalupaka pohte nenu maa abbake puttinaltu kadhu.
Nenu Praja samasyalu techinha 24 gantallo avi parishakaram kakapothe ikkada prabutham nadavadu naa kanu sigalu nadustai........
many these type powerfull dailouges in our movie enjoy...........
Why Indra is releasing so quickly?
 Many one thought about Indra will release on Megastar birthday or later But indra is going to release on July 25th. Some one raised doubts about Indra releasing. Nothing big issue in that. First they thought Anji will release in May. So they planed this movie later. But unfortunately some graphics and other reasons delayed Anji. So in summer also Megafans not able to watch any megabrothers movie and they are disappointed. Megastar and team looked at their requests. Anji need some time to release. So they want to release a movie qucikly. After that Indra shooting completed with fast working. (every  month 21 days they shooted this movie). Perfect script and Dutt daring are more helped to this movie.  Anji is not now so they releasing Indra quickly than before they planing. But they not compramised any issue on shooting. They completed this movie perfectly. There is no other questions on this issue. This movie completed with Mass masala powerfull dailouges and Dhamka steps of Megastar. surely it will create waves in soon.  Just taste the music of indra in very soon...cheer up.......
Indhra chased Train from Helecaftor.
Feb 16 to 26.  
It is 20 kms far away from Mysore. Its a small village named Belagola. Actually there is no trains on that time but feb 16 to 26 there is a lot of hungama on that track. Why because the sensational movie of Vijaynthi movies films  shooting is there.  Megastar weared a jeans and black jark in type shirt. He is lookng so rough and ferosious. There is a helecaftor ready to start and waiting for Megastar.  On the railway track "Kasi Viswanath Express" is started. In that train in one 
compartment Mega producer  Aswani dutt story writer Chinni krisha  Director b.gopal executive producer sai baba and fight master vikram dharma is sitting and looking at sky the with anxious. In the train in one  compartment Tanekella barani harika syamala fighters are there. There is a studycam camera fixed in back of engine.  All are looked at the title of express  the name is "Kasi viswanath express" what is it all asked b gopal. He said it is a scene between lacknow and varanasi so we are titleld to this train like that.    Thrilling Chase starts....
There is two helecaftors.In one of them Megastar sitting and smiling in the second one the camera man V.S.R Swami shooting from the first helecaftor. Countdown start and Helecaftors are take off. Those are chasing the  Train with just 50 feet distance. Train is going with 80 km speed. Megastar giving expressions from one helecaftor and antother one shooting it.  In the train the unit is watching the adventure why because the force of air is too fast. So it is very risky to do the chase but he takes risk thats why he become Megastar said  chinni krishna. Megastar opened the window of helecaftor and sit on the edge of seat. It it looking so dangerous. But he did it.  in that train  the rowdys are   trying to throw the family members of Megastar. And Megastar trying to save them from Helecaftor it is so risky to shoot.  
 Tension starts....
 Suddenly hundreds of muslims came with Red flogs on the track. (they are jr artist for this film) they are shouting and standing on the track.  But the train not dicreased the speed. They are also not moving from the track.  Suddenly they jumped to the other side of the track and the train crossed them with high speed. After 20 minutes the train reached Krishna raja nagar  the helecaftors also chased the train. Then the chase is completed. 
 Chase highlights:
 This chase appears on thes screen 5 mins.  Aswani dutt spend 30 lakshs for this train chase.  Helecaftor is charged  40 thousand for an hour.  Trian rent is 1 lakh 50 thousand for a day.  They shooted it for 10 days on this specail railway track.  Cameras also very costely one is studycalm one ary 3 and other one is  2 e camera   this type of 4 cameras used to shoot the special chase and action episode. they said Sky the limit for this film no thinking about budget. 
   It is a Religious power full film. It is confirmed after watched the chase and the Muslims on the railway track. 
More news follows on this film on soon. So check here again.
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