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Hungama of Indra audio


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Hungama of Indra audio
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(Latest and special update)
    Indra crossed 10 lakhs audio sales and created a south indian record just in a weak.
   All heros have fans. But some heros fans do anything for their star, Mega annayya have that type of Tammulu. thats why he called as Megastar u know all these for why?  In Karnatka there is place called chintamani in that place at the release of Indra audio 5000 fans cut their nails and put the blood mark (raktha tilakam) to Megastar cut out. Thats why no other fan will reach Megafan. Kudos to megafans.

 2nd batch cassets are not reached all places in andhra so getting indra cassete is so tough in many places like Vjd and Hyd also.  In Tea stalls hotels autos tractors marriages every place people are palying Indra songs and feeling the Joy. All dance inistitutes composing dances for Indra songs. Totally Indra creating waves in all over andhra good sign before the movie
Megastar is on the way. He is smashing previous records. Indra started the work of beating all previous records. They started first with audio. On First day of Indra audio release 5,00,000 audio cassstes are sold out. This is never before in Tollyood film industry and any other hero dont have courage also to dream about this type of record. This news was declared in Famous telugu Chanel Teja tv through News also. Some people started bad propaganda aganist Indra first but they are showing their white faces now......... Lion roaring. No one can stop this. Not only audio Indra will smash all records.  And audio got good talk from fans and general people also. Many one appricated it is so far from  double meaning songs ( in mass songs also Megastar not encouraged the double meanins so it is very good)
Highlights of Indra audio
1: 5 00 000 casstes are sold out on first day
2: In Nellore fans buy the casstes in Q
3: In Eluru at the time of 8:30 all cds sold out.
4: all over andhra at many audio shops tied banners and garlands to Megastar posters.
5: Fans are distributed sweets to people who are coming to cassets at the audio shops in some places
6: Very special happy news of Indra audio is..... 3,4 songs are very good to give hot steps the beat and music is very favour to show good steps this is the main asset of this audio so this songs creat waves with picturasion with the charishma of Megastar steps
Craze of Megastar ......
 1. Only for Megastar audio cassets the shops will open at night time. (all other heros except Powerstar the shops will open at 9 or 7 o clock. But for Megastar cassets they will opne mid night also.
2. Only on Megastar cassete release many shops will decarate with lighting and fans tied banners and garlands
3. Only Megastar  movies cassets sales touchs the sky on first day. (at avge.... other hero highest sale of cassets is 100 Megastar audio sales are 500)
so  no one can reach it in dream also. That is the power of Megastar.
Indra audio review. (the fastest review of all sites......)
 16th Night at Eluru Bus station. 11:45 nearly 500 people are waiting for a hyd Hitech bus.
why because in that bus Indra audio cassets are coming. at 12:10 a bus came. Ohhh Huge cheers and fire crckers..... Indra cassets and cds bundles came in the bus.
 Huge rain started on same time. But who will care the rain they are already wet in Magic of Megastar. Audio shops opend at 12:20...... songs played on huge sound systems.......
 A side
 1: Bham Bham Bole... this introudction song was sung by sakarn mahadevan Hari haran
written by sirivennela this song is superb awesome......(in telugu----aripinchadu)
2: Ammadu appachi  This duet was sung by sp balu kalpana written by Veturi
 this song is hushar and awesome ( in teluugu ...... chimpesadu)
3: Radhe govindha  This song was sung by Udit Narayan chitra
 written by Bhuvana chandra This song was highlight of dancing moments ( in telugu... adedo pekadadu...)
B side
1 Ghallu Ghallu this song is family song written by sirivennela and sung by sp balu mallikharjuna  This song is a pictuersion song this song visuals are very superb ( romalu nikka boduchukonela)
2 Dadi Dadi damma sirivennela written this song KK Maha lakshmi are singers of this song. This movie beat is amazing sure steps will on high range ( in telugu kummesadu)
3 Ayyo Ayyo Ayyo This song writer is Kula sekhar singers are karthik Usha
 this song is a masala beat song steps are awesome for this song ( dummu dulipesadu)

Total 6 songs are very good this is a complete satisifed album from Megastar.
Lyrics are very good. Surely this tunes are made for hot steps of Megastar.
Really fans doing dances at the audio shops (unfortunately some police are warned them cuz night time audio shops and dances are not allowed)

A GIFT TO ALL MEGAFANS.......... A complete site for indra The first site in South inda for a movie builted by fans. Thats the stamina of Megafans.
Cheer up and enjoy ....say to the world the power of Megafans.....and i will come with More news and the audio just after some mins....only.......
NOTE: After the Indra audio Megafans slogan is "Andhrai records konchem Evari records uncham" just a little bit example.... till now in a shop 500 indra audio cassets sold. (other heros highest record is not crossed 100 in  first day but megastar got 500 mark in just hours....) so dont Look at the rock hard stamina of Megastar............
Imp Note: Pls stop the Piracy of Indra Cassets and Cds save Music
If any one attempting the piracy of Indra Cds Mp3 cds Cassets of Indra they will punish under copy right act 1957 3 years prison and 2 lakhs penalty. so be carefull 
Mega  Fans tell the details if any piracy is going there in ur place.....( ur details are confidential)
IMI (Inidan Music industry) sec bad 7755667,7755803.
Aditya Music Hyd. Ph 4551801,4751955
Remember Piracy kills the stamina of music and restricts our Megastar Audio sales range fight aganist them..........
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