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Anji Postponed again???


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Anji Postponed again???
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Flash news:*** on 16-4-2k2
 Many of fans meeting M.Syam prasad reddy and requesting him to release Anji at least in this summer and they are saying it is the last chance to release Anji to collect good collections. Dont leave it. And they saying they are with many hope on this time pls dont spoil those hopes. They requesting him to release the audio on this month end. and the movie in next month.  But no one know what is going on syam mind.............
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   If Anji audio going to release on April 13th...Publicity posters will release at least on 7th of this month. Or Anji audio will getting ready for third week. At least the intimation will recieve the Audio distributors. My friend have Audio shop we are still looking with dry eyes.........(Every 24 hrs i will update Anji news for u)
  Syam prasad reddy and team on now discussions about Anji. Already there is many rumors in industry Anji is again postponed. Why because audio release publicity also not started yet now. Then how can Anji will release on May 9th?? But fans are hoping they will watch Anji on summer And expecting audio will release on arpil 3rd week. But till now there is no official confirmation about this Megafilm. Why because this type Megafilms need good publicity. But where is the publicity? So many fans are worried about this matter. With in a week total situation will be confirm.  And the fact behind the scene will also come into light. So we will wait for that.....
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